From the beginning of recorded history, mankind has asked the age old question, "What time is it?" We know that the sun rises in the normal schedule, sets, but regular increments of time between dawn and dusk to dominate us daily aspects of life to eat.

In response to customer requirements, in addition to luxury Swiss watch shop announce their online watch DOXA and CYMA line store inventory.

CYMA, one of the world's most respected watch factory, founded in 1862 in a secluded valley in the Swiss Jura mountains.

As early as 1891, CYMA is to relay complex movements, and in 1903, at such great precision thin pocket an extra slim release lever movement, it was omega replica watches awarded a chronometer certification from the Neuchatel Observatory.

Today, CYMA is located in Le Locle, Switzerland's watchmaking center. The standard is strict, because they have been for over 140 years. A privately held company, is in the forefront of design and technology CYMA.

CYMA's world-renowned legendary quality. CYMA watches are carefully manufactured using the highest quality materials, tight tolerances timing accuracy and reliability. One of the best of any major watch brands - all actions are performed by a two-year international warranty.

Every CYMA is intelligent and extraordinary today's prices are the best value in the Swiss watch industry. This is because only sell to a minority, and therefore does not undertake expensive advertising and many Swiss brands with limited distribution policy may be indirect costs CYMA in the same category.

replica watches DOXA watches was founded in 1889 and one of the major watch most creative production areas in the heart of Switzerland, Neuchatel, Jura Mountains State (district).

George DUCOMMUN (1868-1936), DOXA's founder, was born in Neuchatel Le Locle in the Jura mountains in Switzerland. I was one of 13 children of a poor family. At age 12, I became a specialized manufacturer of watch movement casing apprentice.

He started his own watch repair business when he was 20. I have been trying to establish their own business, walking 10 km lire Saud personally put his seal products, even replica omega watches in the depth of winter.

His success made him watch live in Chateau des Monts, the world famous Le Locle watch museum home today. From there I made a day trip, his factory by the carriage.

Today DOXA brings industry forged a century to develop a perspective often see design.

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