Battery powered speed signs.

Battery powered speed signs are without doubt the most popular format available. If you want a fully illuminated radar activated speed sign but don't have access to mains power battery is the solution. Want to purchase one speed sign and rotate it through a number of different location? A battery powered sign is the obvious answer.

Manufactured from quality non ferrous materials which deliver rugged reliability over prolonged periods of exterior use these signs can be made in a range of styles with a number of different functions.

From slow down formats which feature a fixed speed limit and slow down message through to signs which display a real time vehicle speed upon an Amber coloured matrix. If you need battery powered sid signage we make a complete range of different solutions.

battery powered speed signs

A big, heavy speed sign with a battery pack buried so deep inside the SID sign  that the whole thing needs to be removed from the post in order to simply re-charge the battery. That's one way to build a battery powered speed sign, we prefer to use another.

A lightweight SID sign assembly fitted with a compact, readily accessible battery housing. An easy to access easy to reach battery container which sits neatly on the back of your speed sign, lift the lid, install the battery and that's it, job done.

With a neat, modular design you will find that these battery operated signs are probably the easiest to install, the quickest to swap between different posts. A one person operation with no heavy lifting, no need to take things apart and rebuild them. A simple, reliable design which works.

If you buy a battery powered speed sign you will want to maximise the available power.  What you don't want is a hungry sign which eats fully charged batteries for breakfast. The more inefficient your sign, the more trips you'll have to make in order to swap dead batteries with freshly charged replacements.

All the speed signs we manufacture are designed to use as little power as possible. For a mains powered format this means a tiny electricity bill, for battery powered signs this means stretching battery life as far as possible. But that's not all. By keeping power consumption very low we are able to utilise smaller, cheaper solar panels. This means solar power really is a viable option, effective but without the expense associated with vast solar panels used to power a sign which uses more electrical power than it should.

We can't really leave the subject of battery powered speed signs without looking at the actual batteries. This image shows you the compact 20 amp hour batteries we use as standard. Securely housed within specially designed caddy frames these battery packs are easy to handle and simple to transport to where you need them. Whilst most speed sign suppliers simply throw a standard battery in as an after thought we think carefully about the practicalities of everyday use.

If you need something with a bit more grunt, a battery solution which delivers more capacity and more power that's absolutely no problem. From 40 amp hour compacts through to heavy duty car & truck batteries; if you need a custom battery powered speed sign system we'll design & manufacture exactly what you need, a great price with made in the UK peace of mind. Perfect.