Changing the settings on your SID.

Adjusting the way your sign behaves.

Changing the settings on your SID display is something you may have to do at some point. While many users, especially those with fixed speed formats, have no real need to change from the factory settings there are some instances whene you might want to change a few things.

On previous generations of SID the changes you could make to the settings were limited. Perhaps you could adjust the detection range, you would probably able to adjust the speed at which the sign delivered upon an over speed event but that's about it.

Thanks to the completely NEW software based command & control system built into your sid there are more parameters you can adjust, more changes you can make with ease.

The most common setting changes you'll probably make to your sid sign relate to speeds at which certain events happen; slow down message appear, smiley faces turn on and off. All these settings are carried out via software changes, there are no preset speed values just the ability to specify the what speeds you want to trigger which events.

sid software changes

You already have the software.

If you can generate a .txt computer file you've already got what you need to change the settings on your sid sign. Before, setting up your speed display involved turning a couple of fiddly little buttons between fixed preset values or using overly complicated proprietry software which isn't widely available.

Now all you need is Notepad or something else capable of generating a .txt file and a blank USB stick. Instead of messing around with tiny turn buttons halfway up a ladder you now complete the setting changes at the comfort of your desk.

Follow simple examples shown in the user manual and in no time you will be able to fine tune your sid sign using nothing more than notepad and a USB drive. Need a bit more help? Example setup files can be emailed to you or we can write a custom .txt file to match your requirements and email it straight to you. The choice is yours.

As much control as you want.

All the settings on our new breed of speed signs are controlled by our own software which means we get to pack in as much user adjustment as we want. From telling individual parts of the led sign display when to turn on or off through to setting a "boy racer" cut out there are a variety of things you can setup exactly how you want them.

Perhaps you want to adjust the brightness of the led's in your sign? This can be done simply and with precision. Brightness controls can be applied for day and night conditions and addressed to specific areas of the sign.

Do you want the sid display to flash? Do you want to change the rate at which the flashes occur? All this can be set using software and addressed to specific led areas within the sign.

Lets look at the "boy racer" setting as a detailed example.

This control was inbuilt as a result of customer requests. If people are using your sid display as an impromtu Santa Pod raceway then you can use this setting to automatically shut your sign down when a high vehicle speed which you determine is detected. The duration of the shut down can also be set by you, if you want the sign to lay dormant for a few minutes then you've got the ability to tell the sign exactly how long you want to wait before restarting.

This control allows you to deter people from trying to see which driver can get the "highest score". If you've set your sign to turn off at the same speed; say 60mph then there is nothing to "compete" for. Additionally, by making the sign enter a preset "sleep" mode you can further frustrate would be racers by making them hang around waiting for your sid display to "wake up".

It might not sound like an issue you will ever need to address but it's something other users have asked us to include; incorporating this "boy racer" setting into every sign is a perfect example of the superior level of adjustment now available.

Helping you with the right setup.

How to make changes to the settings with your sid are explained in the user manual. Follow examples of the most popular setting changes and you will be able to quickly fine tune your device.

Whilst there are a myriad of settings which you can change it's always a good idea to ask for guidance before changing things too much; that's why a full list of settings is not made publicly available. Some setting changes can fundamentally change how the whole sid display works, others can cause excessive power use.

If you want to make major changes to your sid sign settings please drop us an email so we can advise you on correct way to do things.