Collecting traffic data with your sid sign.

It's designed to be easy.

Using your sid sign to collect data on traffic speeds and occurances has never been easier. Thanks to a complete product redesign with ease of use as the prime consideration a new kind of super simple data collection is now available.

Most conventional sid sign data collection systems use an expensive off the shelf radar to do the hard work, collecting and storing the data. Whilst there is nothing wrong with this approach it adds a layer of extra cost and limits you to the use of proprietary software.

data collecting speed signs

Based on things you already use.

Collecting data with your speed sign is now as easy as inserting a blank USB drive and waiting. Clever software sees you want to download data so it starts doing this automatically. There are visual indicators which the sid display shows automatically when downloading your stored data; this is explained in the extensive user manual supplied with every to access data stored on your sid sign

We all have USB drives lying the home or office so it's a snip accessing your data. There are NO specialist bits of software needed, no weird types of cable required. You don't need to fiddle around with wireless Xbee or Bluetooth connections, you don't need any electronic device of any kind save your blank USB drive. Don't want to collect the data yourself? No problem hand a blank USB drive and the user manual to anyone and they've got all they need to download the data for you.


Designed for open source.

Collecting your traffic data from some other sid signs involves feeding the data into a bit of proprietry software, software which came with the sign, software you might not understand, software you might not be able to share.

example data set from a sid sign


If you are using your speed sign to collect traffic data we think you'd prefer to examine and make use of it using software you already know and understand. If you want to share the data with other people it would be nice if you could just email them a copy of the download and let them look at it on their own device. This is why we decided to base your data collection system on a simple database format; a format which can be opened with Excel or the Open Office equivalent. Accessing your data is so easy; insert the USB stick taken from your sign and you have a complete record of speeds, times & dates. Organised into hourly, daily, weekly & monthly sets the data flies straight into your favourite database software.

Do what you want with the information.

Want to present the data collected from your speed signs in chart or graph format? This capability comes as standard in all database software, even freeware versions on the internet. Making you learn how to use yet another piece of software; reinventing a perfectly round wheel doesn't make much sense.

A deliberate decision was taken to make collecting & using traffic data with your speed sign as simple and painless as possible.

With this approach to traffic data collection you are free to do whatever you like with your recorded statistics. Share how you like, present with software you know. A simple way, a better way.