Effectiveness of SID signs

Do these devices work?

If speed indication devices were ineffective reputable companies simply wouldn't waste time and money buying them. The fact that many customers are repeat buyers also suggests that these devices perform a valuable service.

The effectiveness of a sid sign or display can also be noticed after the device is no longer present. Talking to customers who regularly move locations or share their sid display with others the effectiveness of these devices becomes apparent when they're moved.

Where a roadway was previously monitored by a sid it's removal results in an immediate increase in traffic speeds, drivers revert back to ignoring the posted speed limits and drive in whatever way they like.

effectiveness of speed indication devices.

When a sid sign is then returned to the previous location traffic speeds immediately moderate with users telling us that drivers become almost instantly law abiding,

"Nothing works like a SID. Even if the battery inside has run flat the presence of the sign is enough to slow down traffic".

This is a direct quote from a local councillor responsible for operating a sid system; when their sign moves to another council area traffic quickly reverts to dangerous speeds.


When working in the street our staff have been approached by members of the public who ask why they can't have a sid display permanently. The effectiveness of sid signs is most keenly felt by those people who live on busy roads, live with speeding traffic.

If these devices did not work, were not effective there would be no demand for them, people wouldn't be upset or disappointed when they move to another location.


If you are looking for an effective speed display which you had planned to use in multiple locations then perhaps our more affordable products could help you do more with the same budget.

So there we have it, highly effective sid displays at very affordable prices; what's not to like.