Non illuminated speed signs.

Non illuminated speed signs which remind drivers of your speed limit. If you plan to use one radar speed sign across a number of different locations these affordable repeater panels allow you to maintain an effective speed presence even when the radar equipped sign is being used at a different location.non illuminated speed signs

Manufactured from a lightweight synthetic material which delivers the same characteristics as sheet aluminium in a "zero scrap value" format these repeater signs are designed to occupy empty quick release mounting brackets where your radar sign would normally be located. Move your radar speed sign and fill the empty bracket with a cheap non illuminated reminder sign; an effective use of otherwise wasted space.


With so many speed sign sites offering you little more than a bought-in-marked-up service it's nice to find someone who really does manufacture the sign products you are looking for; less hassle and a more attractive price.

Non illuminated speed sign repeaters are simple, uncomplicated items which we can manufacture quickly; this ease of production is reflected in the price you pay. Round repeaters, rectangular shapes with those all important rounded safety corners, made using sophisticated CNC cutting machinery these simple sign panels can be produced in a myriad of shapes, sizes and formats. Decorated with affordable computer cut vinyl graphics in either plain colours, engineering or traffic grade reflective materials these repeater signs are a very cost effective way to boost the effectiveness of your radar speed sign.


Non illuminated speed sign repeaters are smaller scale panels designed to make use of otherwise empty radar sign mounting brackets, but they aren't the only non illuminated option available to you.

Permanent road signs manufactured from zero scrap synthetic material or solid traffic grade aluminium sheet. Industry standard aluminium mounting rails secured without through face fixings. Stainless steel post clamps, stainless steel banding, a complete conventional traffic sign manufacturing service is just another part of our service. We even supply a broad range of stainless steel and aluminium posts if you need them, a complete ready to fit set of permanent traffic signs delivered direct to your door via palletised transport. We can even supply you with aluminium or stainless steel in a variety of diameters & wall thicknesses.

The next step.

If you want to get wheels in motion then the next step is to call us or email with your requirements. Instead of dealing with a narrowly focused supplier who either out sources all the production or simply buys in a limited range of complete products you can take a different route.

Contact us and talk direct to the people who actually manufacturer all this stuff, people with a shop floor full of machinery, a proper manufacturer who can deliver anything you might require.