Post mounted SID signs.

Post mounted SID signs offer you a stylish alternative to the conventional independent sign format. If you need to permanently install a SID sign in a location which does not feature an existing in-ground post our integrated post & sign format is the perfect option.

post mounted sign signs

Eliminate clip on brackets, move away from unattractive galvanised steel posts,  if your project calls for a more stylish interpretation of radar activated signage this format can achieve a more polished result. A great looking SID sign built around an integrated post; a different way to manage speed.


The post mounted SID sign on this page is manufactured from a durable square section aluminium post. Measuring in at 75 x75mm this square section is just 1mm smaller than the standard 76mm round posts used for most street signage. Using a square post instead of a round section offers an aesthetic advantage making the finished assembly streamline and incredibly neat.

Projecting at right angles to the square section post is a fully illuminated speed sign. Triggered by our rugged UK spec detectors the layout and basic construction of the sign case & panel is identical to all other speed signs in our range. The difference is what you cannot see from the photograph; a lightweight tubular space frame manufactured from welded stainless steel. This internal support system ensures that the sign is ruggedly supported and very well braced against wind loading. The interface between post & sign is specially designed to ensure a smooth, neat flow of surface levels giving the same look to this SID sign as you might expect from high end bespoke retail signage.

portable post mounted sid signs

If you need a mains powered system your post mounted sign will be supplied with an internal cabling system which allows you to connect power at ground level with no trailing leads or unsightly conduit.

For battery powered projects a rugged lockable cabinet is fitted to the back side of the sign providing you with neat, unobtrusive storage and retrieval.

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