Smiley faced speed signs.

The friendly display.

Smiley faced speed signs use a pair of different colour face graphics to communicate with drivers. This format is popular as it displays information in a friendly manner.

The front of this type of sid has a few different parts. There is an Amber led matrix to display real time traffic speed. A Green led face is used to reward drivers who are considerately, a Red unhappy face is used for speeding drivers.

As with all other SID's Smiley systems are manufactured from folded, welded aluminium sheet which is then powder coated with a tough, hardwearing satin finish.

two smiley face speed signs

Controlling the display

Using the new software control system you can dictate when different parts of the display turn on and off .

The matrix which displays the speed; you can specify at what speed this becomes active; you can either report the speed of every vehicle or save power by only displaying traffic speeds above a certain value.

Setting when the Green face turns on is easy; just specify a mph value in the setup file. The same applies for shutting off the Green face; just specify the speed in your setup file and this element of the display shuts off automatically. As soon as the radar detector sees a vehicle travelling faster than your set limit the Green smiley face will shut down. If you want to make the Green face flash this is just another simple software setting.

software settings for a smiley sid speed sign

The Red face on your smiley sign is tied in with a White SLOW DOWN message. Unlike most displays of this type there are a total of four different lighting colours used; this greatly improves the impact made on drivers. The Red and White section of the sign is controlled just like the Green section; you use two simple software commands to set at what speed this section turns on, what speed it turns off. Again, if you want to flash this area of led lighting you can using a simple software command.

Universal options.

Smiley faced sid signs use the same software control system as all other formats so this means you get extra settings like the "boy racer" cut out along with simple USB stick transfers and automatic data transmission. All the other setting controls for things like brightness and so forth are also part and parcel of every smiley faced sid.

Usually this type of speed sign is supplied in portable format as it's easier to handle, quicker to move. Customers can specify the more permanent cabinet design if they so wish.

simely sid formats