New software driven Sid.

A complete redesign.

Earlier versions of our sid signs used a control system tilted towards hardware rather than software. Using off the shelf traffic detectors paired with some fairly basic hardware these signs were built using the best technology available at the time. But technology doesn't stand still.

software for speed sign systems

Using a clean piece of "paper" a brand new detection and control system based on software has moved the product range into new territory. Modern, up to date and packed with features not possible with earlier designs, software driven sid displays allow us to give you a better product across the board.

As you would expect the software used in your sid sign has been conceived and written in the UK by developers working to industry standards. In this way the quality of the control system can be assured; on going developments & upgrades are possible.

example settings for sid software

Plug and play by design

With a software based control system you sid sign can be controlled with ease. Simply insert a USB drive into the correct socket and your display system will update settings or download stored data automatically. There are no tiny switches to turn, no wireless communications to setup, no devices to lug around. Simply plug in a USB drive and that's it.

Bluetooth is redundant

With intelligent USB drive detection and automatic read write there is no longer any need to fiddle around with wireless Bluetooth or Zigbee communication devices. These systems can be a real fiddle to setup and require you to have some kind of device for the sign to communicate with. In order to operate wirelessly your sid display needs extra hardware, hardware which draws power; an important issue if you are using battery power.

how auto detect usb software works

Do you really need wireless? Don't forget, if you are using a battery sid you'll have to go and open the case and change the battery at some point, if you're already there what could be easier than inserting a USB drive into the built in USB socket?

Wireless makes sense when you build your sign around an off the shelf data collection radar which otherwise can only be accessed by a device connected with a USB cable. With auto detect USB drive technology all you've got to do is insert and wait. It's simpler than wireless, it's more economical on power than wireless, it's something anyone can do whenever they want.

Whilst wireless is usually an upgrade our auto detect USB system is built into every sign at NO extra cost; brilliant.


Most sid displays have turn screw or knobs which are used to adjust settings. With software control you can set things up more precisely. For example. If you wanted your sid display to illuminate at say 33mph you can use software control to demand exactly this. With knobs and switches you have to settle for the closest pre-set speed to 33mph; with software you tell the sid exactly what you want and that's exactly what you get.

Data Collection

Driving your Sid display via software means that data collection can be solved in a neat, cost effective way. Whilst other signs rely on expensive detection devices with build in data storage we allow the sid control software to take the strain.

data collection speed sign software


With built in engineering features the software control system allows us to check signs with ease Potential problems can be found quickly, systems can be put through their paces and the results examined in greater detail.