Solar powered speed signs.

Solar powered speed signs are increasingly popular as they not only reduce reliance on fossil fuel sources but also deliver really practical benefits to the speed sign powered speed signs

Solar powered speed signs are designed to allow the on board battery to be recharged by nothing more than sunlight. This means less visits to your sign in order to swap over an empty battery with a fully charged replacement. Solar power is very fashionable these days but our solutions are a lot more than a mere fashion statement; they've been carefully designed and properly evaluated to ensure they really do deliver great results.

As standard.

All our standard speed signs and SID devices have been specifically designed with solar power in mind. Solar powered speed signs use a photo voltaic panel to constantly replenish a battery pack, when your sign is triggered it consumes a certain amount of electricity, the panel is used used to replace the energy which has just been consumed.

This all sounds pretty straightforward, but there is one important issue to consider; just how much electrical energy is your speed sign using?

Many speed signs aren't specifically designed for solar powered applications. When you aren't designing for solar you don't always consider just how energy efficient the speed sign actually is. Using a wasteful design which uses more power than it should leads to poor results when used with an affordable solar panel. Because your sign is hungrily eating it's way through battery life a small format solar panel just can't keep pace, it can't replenish the lost charge fast enough. In these circumstances you are forced to keep increasing the size and cost of the solar panels until you find a solution large enough to satisfy the appetite of your sign. Even when you've found a panel big enough you will always be reliant on lots of sunlight and optimum weather conditions.

Our solar powered speed signs are designed with energy efficiency as the absolute top priority. Because your sign is using very small amounts of electricity there is less work for the solar panel to do. If you aren't draining your batteries with repeated demands for lots of power you don't need a huge solar panel, you don't need to spend a fortune on large, high generating capacities. Most importantly you don't need to keep your fingers crossed for perfect sunny days all year round; designed correctly an affordable compact solar panel will deliver good results all year round.

No guesswork.

Unlike many suppliers we're offering you a set of solar powered speed sign solutions which aren't based on guesswork. As you would quite rightly expect the products we manufacture have been carefully evaluated to ensure that the solar panel is more than just a decorative ornament.

To give us the raw data we need a complete, fully operational speed sign was manufactured specifically for solar evaluation. Placed on a specially designed test rig this sign was connected to one of our standard battery packs which was fully charged prior the testing process.

Placed outside and set to activate once a minute for a 10 second duration this evaluation rig has been left running for many months with daily charge readings taken from the battery. To see the test data download our solar powered speed sign endurance test report here.

r powered speed signs really do work properly because we've invested the time and effort to make absolutely certain.