Speed indicator (SID) signs.

SID signs or, Speed Indicator Devices. Highly visible illuminated warning signs which can be used to reinforce your road safety message. Manufactured in a range of styles & sizes a SID sign can be one of the most effective ways to manage traffic and enforce speed limits.

speed indicator sid signs

If you are looking to purchase or rent a S.I.D sign we provide you with an entire range of products to choose from. If you can't find a standard product which meets your needs don't worry, we can manufacture a bespoke one off solution just for you.

The principle.

All sid signs work using the same basic principle; an illuminated sign panel is controlled by a on board radar detector. When a vehicle approaches your sid sign the radar triggers a reaction, just what this reaction is depends on what kind of sid sign you are using.

The most common sid signs are those which feature a real time numerical speed display. As a vehicle approaches your sid sign the radar detector calculates the speed at which the vehicle is travelling and displays this data on a real time LED matrix array.

The other popular type of sid sign is the fixed message format. With this design the sign is fitted with a fixed speed awareness message; when a vehicle is detected travelling in excess of the designated speed limit the sid sign is activated displaying a warning to "slow down".

We manufacture both of these sid sign formats as well as several hybrid types. There are a wide range of standard, off the shelf options available including a complete range of solar powered systems. On top of our standard product range we also provide you with a hassle free manufacturing service; if you need a specific type of sid sign which you just can't find anywhere we can provide you with a bespoke, one off system tailored to fit your individual requirements.

The design.

If you are wondering why our sid signs look different to all the others you've seen the answer is simple; we want to offer you something which is more attractive to look at, a sign which looks the part as well as operating as a sid sign should. Ugly signs are not an advantage in any other part of the sign industry so there is no reason why radar speed signs should be an exception to this rule. Made from a different set of raw materials processed in a different manner our SID signs offer you an alternative to the nasty looking plastic fronted boxes you might normally associate with sid signage.

As well as aesthetics there are other important reasons for creating an alternative design. Manufactured using CNC machinery the main body of your sid sign is drilled from a pattern of 6mm holes. These holes are covered with clear high impact plastic from the inside. Behind this protective screen your led lighting and on board electronics are safely tucked away. This is a more secure design which eliminates the possibility of having a plastic screen vandalised. Reflected sunlight glare from a shiny  plastic screen is also eliminated by virtue of the fact that there is simply no screen to worry about.

The remaining component of your sign is the winged back panel. Designed to boost the visibility and thus the effectiveness of your sign this component is made from the same material as the main body, a durable aluminium based material which is strong yet lightweight. This component is fitted with one half of the quick release mounting bracket and also houses the radar detector unit. Unlike many SID products we give you the ability to adjust the detection and range settings of the detector; instructions for doing so engraved onto a boiler plate which is permanently attached to the rear of the winged panels. Chunky high vis stripe detailing is the final element of the design. Available in a range of standard and reflective vinyl materials this component can be produced in almost any design or done away with entirely depending upon your requirements. Special narrow width back panels can be produced if you prefer a more compact, less "in your face" look.