Speed sign testing


Post manufacture.

Once a speed sign system has been manufactured it needs to be carefully and thoroughly tested & examined. As with any manufacturing process quality control and assurance is an important part of the process.

Registered under BS EN ISO9001 quality assurance standard, a new, specially designed testing system is in place to ensure you take delivery of a quality product.

So how do you test a finished speed sign? Do you place it in front of moving traffic and see what happens? This low tech approach might work, but, there is a more sophisticated, more reliable technique.

speed sign testing system

SIGMA technology.

Signal measurement and analysis technology is a fully automated testing system which is used on every single speed sign we manufacture. Based around specialist software and niche hardware this is test equipment which operates under controlled conditions.

target simulation testing

How does it work? Testing your speed sign involves placing it within a test bench. The sign is powered up using a lab power supply (this allows us to check the correct amount of power is being drawn).

Once under power your sign is checked to make sure the correct start-up routine has been completed. Now we enter the SIGMA testing.

A pre determined range of vehicle speeds and sizes are entered into the SIGMA system. What we are doing is telling software to "simulate" what the speed sign radar would expect to see on the side of the road; the radar returns from different types of vehicle travelling at different speeds. Once the pre set list of simulations is entered SIGMA is initiated and your speed sign is left to complete it's test cycle.

How much testing happens? On average a SIGMA test routine will involve simulating the effects of several hundred vehicles passing in front of your speed sign. What we are trying to create is a "virtual road" which replicates real life sign activations and events. This testing routine is used on every speed sign to make sure it is fit for purpose and operating correctly.

sigma speed sign testing

Checking data.

If your speed sign is fitted with our data collection system we use SIGMA to build a known set of data which your sign will store. At the end of SIGMA testing we download the data set from your sign and cross check it with the programmed SIGMA routine. If the two match then this confirms your sign has accurately stored valid data.