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SID signs; radar speed indicator devices.

SID radar speed signs from the UK manufacturers. Quality vehicle activated devices packed with quality led illumination. If you are searching for a SID/ VAS solution which delivers everything you need in a neat, value for money package we can help.

sid signs range, made in the UK

This graphic shows you the kind of SID signs and VAS systems we make. Attractive real time speed display, vibrant, effective speed limit reminders. From mains powered signs designed to fit existing posts through to quick release brackets, portable trolley systems or custom made displays, if you need an intelligent led illuminated road sign we design & manufacture almost everything.

Slow down device.

Radar activated speed signs- SID and VAS systems, all consist of three basic elements; the detector, some on board electronics and an illuminated panel. Blend these three components together and you create a dynamic speed indication devices, a speed display which is triggered by the approaching vehicle.

The most common sid signs are those which feature a real time numerical speed display. As a vehicle approaches the detector quickly calculates the speed of travel and displays this information on a large matrix of led lights, we call this design a "Your Speed Is" format.

how a sid sign works

The other popular model is the fixed message format, think led illuminated road sign. A standard speed limit roundel recreated using high power led lighting. Add an illuminated SLOW DOWN legend, integrate a sophisticated radar detector and you now have an interactive road sign which responds in real time to the speed of on coming traffic.

Variable matrix display.

SID speed indicator device signs can cause some people to worry needlessly. In an era of tight spending limits and modest budgets many people who need a vehicle activated radar speed sign don't go ahead and buy one because the prices quoted are just too hard to justify; several thousand pounds for a small illuminated road sign?, it's not the most reasonable sounding proposal you've heard lately.

speed indicator sign design

So what's the alternative? You need to install a radar activated SID speed sign but don't want to waste money?

The ideal solution? Source your radar SID sign from someone else, steer past the suppliers, head straight for a proper British manufacturer. Effective, affordable results for less money.

Radar speed  indicator devices SID, choose a vehicle activated sign manufacturer who offers you so much more value.

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