Mains powered radar speed signs.

If you have the power supply a mains operated radar speed sign is probably themains powered speed signs most simple and straightforward sign specification you can choose. Simply install your sign, connect one cable and you have a radar speed display which will work perfectly twenty four hours a day, three hundred and sixty five days a year.

Mains powered speed signs require little or no maintenance and will operate for as long as mains power remains connected. If you are looking for a hassle free solution, one which requires minimal human input this is the format we would recommend. With no batteries to worry about this format is perfect for projects where a permanent display is required- at a factory gate, within a corporate road way for example.


All our radar speed signs are supplied with the hardware needed for mains powered operation. Even if you order a battery powered SID sign you'll also get the ability to operate your from a mains power source. This twin power option is something we include in our product design because it gives you more flexibility in when & where you can use your SID display.

For a mains powered installation you simply need to attach a suitably protected 240v supply to the low voltage transformer integrated into your SID. Once mains power has been attached to the transformer you are fully operational and will remain so for as long as mains power is connected. Quick, simple and a permanent power solution.

So how much electricity is your sign going to consume? The answer is very little. Your mains powered radar speed sign is essentially a 12v DC device, there are no mains operated components apart from the transformer. Low voltage and low current combine to create an extremely efficient, low consumption device. At peak daylight conditions your speed sign will demand a maximum of 2 amps at 12v DC. At night this figure is reduced by more than half.

mains operated radar speed sign options

For construction sites running on 120v power no additional equipment or modifications are required. Each mains powered speed display we manufacture is capable of operating quite happily with either a 240 or 120v supply. Simply connect your mains supply to the on board transformer and it will work out the supply voltage and automatically adjust itself accordingly.


Mains powered speed signs can be produced in any format to any size you may require. Unlike battery powered formats where you need to balance the size of the graphic and the number of led's with the limits of battery storage a mains powered sign can be as big as you want, packed with as many led's as you like. If you want big, bold, bright results then mains powered gives you the ability to focus on the sign message without worrying about battery life or power load.

mains powered speed sign range

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