Speed indicator sid signs.

Speed indicator sid sign manufacturers providing you with a range of quality sid sign systems designed and built right here in the UK. Whether it's a simple fixed speed limit system, a dynamic real time speed indicator format or a unique, one off product designed & built to solve your specific traffic management issues.

radar speed sign manufacturer

Created using an original design which makes use of the latest materials these radar speed signs are produced entirely in-house using a suite of sophisticated CADCAM systems. If you need a radar activated sign product it's what we do.


Existing radar speed sign systems aren't always what you'd call visually appealing. If you are an electronics engineer the finer points of sign design & manufacture probably aren't your forte. Having created a working speed sign on the bench you reach for the nearest metal case and stuff your electronics inside. This is not the best way to create a professional looking sign system.

speed indicator sid sign designers

We make your speed signs using a unique design which has been carefully created in order to provide you with both an effective radar activated speed management tool and an attractive sign. The two things should go hand in hand, that is why we have created something which really does give you the best of both worlds.

Compared to many rival systems these really are a better quality speed sign made using a more sensible technique, finished to a better standard. Real value for money without the flimsy look and feel, something which is always nice to have. In a recent blind evaluation one of our standard speed signs was assumed to be the "more expensive" option... it cost less than half the price of the rival system. Great looking radar speed signs do not have to be difficult to find or expensive to buy; they are our standard stock-in-trade.


What is inside your speed sign? A good question which many speed sign suppliers probably cannot answer. If you are selling products sourced from China then you have had absolutely no involvement in the design or testing process, you do not know what goes on inside the sign, you do not really know how it actually works? Is it even a UK legal product?

radar speed sign electronics manufacturers

All the signs you can buy from us are fitted with our own electronics package, a robust, extensively tested set of printed circuit boards which are made here in the UK, have been populated with UK sourced components. If you need a robust radar speed sign system which comes with encyclopaedic after sales support we will happily oblige.

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