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Your speed is SID signs.

Your speed is SID signs use an on board radar to calculate the speed of oncoming vehicles. This type of vehicle speed display is more complicated than a slow down format because the radar is working with sophisticated on board electronics in order to translate collected data into a real time visual display of traffic speed.

your speed is sid signs

Your speed is signs will show the oncoming driver how fast they are travelling by displaying the actual vehicle speed on a large, bright Amber led matrix array like this. Compared to rival products you will find a more generously proportioned matrix with a highly visible triple stroke led pattern.


Made using different materials to a different design these your speed is signs provide you with a proper alternative to the existing products you can find online. Created by experienced sign manufacturers these products are designed with aesthetic appeal in mind. Neat, stylish results without the cheap, flimsy plastic screens and small, less than generous proportions.

your speed is sid signs construction method

Your speed is signs are available in a range of standard sizes and formats but as you would expect; as manufacturers we can produce this kind of "your speed is sign" in almost any shape, size or custom format you can imagine. If you want a dynamic, real time speed indicator displays we can make whatever you're looking for.

Safe & simple.

All "your speed is" sign formats are supplied with our auto dimming system built in. This safety device constantly measures ambient light levels, when night time approaches and sun light starts to fade this device automatically cuts the brightness of the led matrix by 50%. This reduced brightness ensures that your sign doesn't dazzle or blind on coming drivers at night and ensures safe operation at all times.

Along with our standard auto dimming system we also provide you with a range of different fixing options including standard stainless steel clamps and our quick fit system which allows you to rotate a single sign across different locations.


Your speed is signs are available in two different formats as standard. Other permutations such as shape & size are catered for but are typically manufactured as bespoke items to suit your individual requirements. For standard options we have versions A & B.

vehicle speed display

Option A is a conventional real time speed indicator format. A drilled satin Black casing attached to a high visibility winged panel the complete assembly provides you with a large, well proportioned Amber coloured matrix upon which vehicle speed is indicated in real time.

Made using a chunky triple led stroke width LED matrix which is designed to be clearer and more easily readable when compared against rival systems where the lighting design is stretched out of proportion creating an unbalanced, unattractive effect. Positioned above the matrix display are bold White self adhesive vinyl graphics. You may swap the wording and colours to any description you choose at no extra cost. Reflective wording can also be produced and applied should this be required. Using the handy rear accessible adjustments you can modify the pickup range of your sign to suit the demands of on site operation. This adjustment is standard across our product range and is designed to enhance the user experience.

You can have the matrix display made in White, Red or Green led's for no extra cost, simply ask for your preferred colour at the point of order.

enhanced your speed is sign

Option B is similar to the standard your speed is sign format outlined within option A. The main advantage of option B is the inclusion of an adjustable SLOW DOWN legend. Made from White led's this extra wording is linked to the onboard radar and will illuminate whenever a vehicle exceeds your set speed limit. For example, if you set the radar detection speed to 20mph this will instruct the sign to illuminate the SLOW DOWN message whenever a vehicle exceeds this speed. At speeds below 20mph the Amber coloured matrix will display the speed of an approaching vehicle in the normal way; it is only when your programmed speed limit is exceeded that the slow down message is illuminated. This added functionality allows you to combine elements of both a your speed is sign and a fixed slow down speed limit sign.

Needless to say, all the radars we build into your sign systems are high quality UK specification devices which meet all the relevant UK regulations; they're safe, they're 100% legal.

Quality UK signs which display your speed in real time, great product, great prices.

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