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Slow down sid signs.

Slow down sid signs; brightly illuminated speed indication device panels which display a pictorial message and text whenever oncoming vehicles exceed the speed limit. This type of radar speed device is very effective at managing driver behaviour forcing speeding traffic to pay attention to the local limit. If normal road signs aren't doing the trick one of these vehicle activated slow down sid signs is a far more effective tool.

slow down sid signs

Slow down type signs are usually manufactured to include a speed limit roundel; an illuminated version of the standard circular speed sign. If you require pictorials which depict school crossings, sharp bends or any other standard DoT traffic sign these can be manufactured. If you want to incorporate flashing amber lights this option is also available.

Whether you need a highly visible speed deterrent or a more subtle, unobtrusive solution these products cater for all requirements. Shown here are the slim graphics lite version alongside the standard high visibility model. Either option is available as a standard speed indicator device product.


Not all slow down style sid signs are manufactured to the same standards. Some are very flimsy structures made from thin aluminium and large expanses of cheap plastic. Other fixed message speed indication device systems are supplied as crudely made mild steel cabinets with large expanses of printed circuit boards. A cheap material finished with a so-so paint finish, a design which exposes unsealed circuitry to wind and rain whenever you open the door. We give you something different, a different style of slow down sid sign made from different materials. A system designed from the outset to operate as a complete, professional looking sign product not a collection of electronic components stuffed inside a cheap metal box.

how slow down sid sign cases are manufactured

Made from a lightweight hybrid material processed via computer controlled machinery the main casing of your sign features a drilled pattern which exactly matches the led matrix which fits neatly inside. Instead of giving you one giant Perspex window which can easily be damaged these signs are designed with a series of 6mm circular windows; one for each led in the sign pattern. This novel approach not only delivers a more visually appealing speed sign it also creates a much stronger, more robust assembly. Solid Satin Black material with no large expanse of flimsy plastic; a more sensible approach.

Each slow down sid sign is supplied with standard aluminium mounting channels attached to the reverse side. Use the standard stainless steel post clamps or ask for a quick release mounting bracket, the choice is yours.

Auto dimmed.

Each slow down sid sign comes with an intelligent automatic dimming feature built in. To overcome bright sunlight your sid sign is fitted with very high intensity led arrays. This is great for daytime use, it ensures that your sid sign can be seen, it prevents the illuminated message from being overwhelmed by the sun. When night falls these high intensity led's can switch from being beneficial to outright dangerous.

slow down speed signs auto dimming explained

Driving down an unlit road in pitch darkness the driver of an approaching vehicle triggers your slow down sid sign; an extremely bright set of lights appear from nowhere and dazzles the driver. As you can imagine this scenario has the potential to be very dangerous.

This is where auto dimming comes into play. Our slow down speed indicator signs are fitted with a device which measures ambient light levels. Once the amount of daylight drops below a preset level your sign automatically dims the led array by 50%. This means that the sign intelligently regulates itself and retunes for safe night time operation without you having to do a thing.

The radar.

Slow down sid signs are supplied with high performance radar detectors housed within a super tough protective casing. Not only are these radars super accurate they also provide you with built in power saving features and most importantly a simple set of user friendly controls.

slow down speed sign radar detector specifications

Most rival products are supplied with a fixed radar which you cannot adjust or alter in anyway. Our slow down sid signs come with the ability for you to adjust detection speed and range. This is very useful because it lets you determine how your sign operates. If your design has a fixed array with a 20mph speed limit you might want the radar to trigger at exactly 20mph. However, you might decide that setting the radar to 15mph is a more effective way to cut down on speeding drivers. With our speed indicator devices you can set the detection speed yourself with a few clicks of the on board adjusters.

slow down speed sign setting adjustment#

Range settings are probably the most often adjusted setting. Every slow down sid sign is installed in a different location; the radar's viewing range at one location might be perfect, at another it may be too short or far too long. With our slow down sid signs you can adjust how far away the radar should "look" by simply adjusting a turn screw.

We can't emphasise just how easy adjusting radar range and speed detection is; you need no special knowledge, you need no special tools. A small slotted screwdriver is all you need, simply use the engraved look up panel mounted on the back of the sign and you'll be adjusting your sign in minutes.

custom slow down sign sign options

Because this is a manufacturer direct service we can offer you an easy custom service. We'll make any standard fixed message speed indicator device with a message of your choice for one, affordable fixed price. Don't spend more when you simply don't have to.

Slow down SID signs manufactured to any design. A nicely built UK product at a price which really makes sense.

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