Mains powered speed signs 

Convenient permanent power.

Using a mains powered speed sign is the ideal option; permanent operation without battery changes or solar panels.

mains powered speed sign

Making a mains powered speed sign is simply a case of installing a waterproof mains AC to 12v DC power transformer. Rather than having an internal cable which connects to a battery we attach this cable to the output side, the low voltage side, of the power supply unit.


Delivered with a long 3 core electrical cable the mains powered speed indicator can simply be connected via a waterproof enclosure to your existing mains cable. Because we manufacture aluminium speed signs rather than plastic ones the mains cable is always earth bonded to the casework.

Retro fit? If you have a battery powered sign and want to change it to a mains system then we can send you a transformer pack which you can easily install yourself.