SID sign applications.

When and where can you use these devices?

In practice SID signs are used in any instance where there is a need to monitor & enforce traffic speeds. With health & safety firmly in mind many companies are using products like these to help improve site safety while at the same time keeping their insurers happy.

Some buyers plan on permanently siting their SID display at the entrance of a site or industrial park. In these instances a mains powered or solar panel & battery format makes most sense.

Other users want to use a single sid display to enforce speed limits across a number of different locations. In this instance a slimline easy to install format is ideal; something quick & easy to move around. These more portable systems are powered by lithium or lead acid batteries and have a range of solar array options available to help with recharging via a natural source.

It's a common misconception that speed signs are only used on the highway; there are many other places where the use of these devices can help improve safety, reduce accidents and contribute to a better environment. That's not to say the sid signs we offer can't be used on the road; they certainly can.

Only if it makes sense... financially

In practice the more affordable a product the more easily it's use can be justified. If you have looked at this kind of speed display before and concluded your application just doesn't justify the cost it's time for a rethink.

Many companies who on face value would not be able to justify the cost of a conventional SID display system for the application in mind have discovered that the buying from a better source can make all the difference.