Sid sign products in development.

New systems we're working on.

When planning the recent redesign of control electronics and traffic detection system a conscious decision was made to incorporate room for expansion & product development.

To give you an idea of the type of systems that are in development please explore this page of the website. If something of interest catches your eye please feel welcome to get in touch for more information.

speed sign camera system in development


A low cost automated camera system which records details of traffic exceeding your speed limits. Talking to our speed watch customers being seen to record the details of speeding traffic can cause tension and unpleasant situations.

An automated camera system which discreetly captures the details you need to record without the need for human intervention. A perfect, confrontation free solution.

Planned with it's own built in traffic detection device this system will be a standalone device which can either be powered independently or connected to a speed sign power train. This camera product will be attractively priced and utilise the same kind of software control system fitted to sid displays.

mobile phone in use sign

Mobile phones.

A more complicated development project; a speed sign type product which reacts to active, in use mobile phone signals. With more drivers than ever illegally using mobile telephones when driving this detection system is designed as a road safety device. 

Using a similar control system to existing signs this device will have sophisticated frequency detection and signal power controls to identify and react to the presence of an active mobile within detection range.

height detection signage

Height warning

Utilising the latest 3d radar detection techniques this device is designed to detect and warn against approaching vehicles which are over height.

With bridge protection and over head obstacle avoidance in mind this product is being developed to share the existing sid sign platform as far as possible.