Radar speed sign prices.

Radar speed sign prices can vary wildly between suppliers, surprisingly affordable or unpleasantly expensive. Depending upon whom you ask SID signs can make real financial sense or quickly become prohibitively expensive.

radar speed sign prices

Our speed sign systems are aimed squarely at buyers who require value for money over fancy functions which will rarely if ever be used. If you need to source effective SID signs within the constraints of a limited budget we're here to help, affordability is our main selling point.

Fixed limit.

Fixed limit speed signs displaying your choice of speed limit. Supplied complete with high quality UK legal radar detector these fixed limit SID signs incorporate sophisticated night time dimming, low voltage power transformer and the facility to accept a punchy 20amp hour battery. Delivered to your door fully tested with a full r.t.b warranty.

fixed message sid sign prices 

If you require a fixed limit SID sign with flashing amber roundels this is a standard option available for a minimal cost. Amber flashing lights are integrated into the on board sensing system which automatically adjusts the brightness of the led arrays. In bright day light the sign operates at full power, at night the brightness is cut to a safe level, a level which does not dazzle on coming traffic.

Real time speed.

Real time speed display SID signs in a choice of two standard formats. Speed only with a dynamic Amber coloured matrix, as soon as an approaching vehicle is within range it's speed will be displayed on your sign.

real time sid sign speed display prices

Speed PLUS is a new format which incorporates elements of both real time and fixed message SID signs. A bold, bright amber matrix which displays the speed or approaching vehicles in real time. Then, a bright, bold illuminated SLOW DOWN warning message which appears once the the approaching vehicle has exceeded the speed limit you've programmed into the radar detector.

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