Radar speed sign prices.

Radar speed sign prices can vary wildly between suppliers, surprisingly affordable or unpleasantly expensive.

Our speed sign systems are aimed squarely at buyers who require value for money over fancy functions which will rarely if ever be used. If you need to source effective SID signs within the constraints of a limited budget we're here to help, affordability is our main selling point.radar speed sign prices

Fixed limit.

Fixed limit speed signs displaying your choice of speed limit. These are the least  sophisticated type of speed sign so there is no reason why they should cost "big bucks".prices for fixed speed signs

Built around a UK spec K band radar our fixed speed sign turns on and off in response to a pre set mph or kph limit. The product is fitted with high quality waterproof led's, a decent radar and an automatic dimmer. If you want one of these signs we can supply you with a new sign at prices most other sites don't even get close to. Solar panels, data collection and all the extras are available if you want them. 

Real time speed.

Real time speed display SID signs are a bit more complicated so they cost a bit more. This doesn't mean you should be spending vast sums of money on one; it's still a road sign after all.real time speed sign price

Fitted with a UK spec K band radar, powered by batteries or mains, packed with waterproof led's; these signs get the job done for the kind of price you will think is fair and reasonable.