Mobile speed sign trolley systems.

Mobile speed sign trolley; a new approach to speed sign mobility is here. Amobile speed sign trolley superior product built from high grade non ferrous materials packed with features no rival product can match. A properly designed, carefully engineered speed sign mounting platform at a price which makes perfect economic sense.

When it comes to mobile speed sign trolleys we believe your choices boil down to one of two options. Option one is to go with one of the existing range of speed sign trolleys advertised elsewhere; pay thousands of pounds for what in essence is nothing more than a standard speed sign lashed to a cheap sack trolley or the base of a temporary traffic light.

Option two is purchase one of these purpose designed speed sign trolley products, benefit from a properly designed & engineered solution whilst taking advantage of a significantly lower price.


Bolting a standard speed sign onto a low level sack trolley or similar device is clearly not an ideal solution. If you want a stable mounting platform capable of offering the visibility you need to make your speed enforcement a worthwhile exercise you need something more sophisticated, something expressly designed for the job at hand. Our fresh approach to speed sign mobility involves creating an entirely new product which is explicitly designed to provide you with a user friendly, highly portable and very stable platform.

mobile speed sign trolley features

As you can see from the photographs on this page the results are radically different from competing trolley systems. A neat, compact design which uses a raft of stability devices all of which stow neatly away when not in use. A unique approach to mounting heights and speed limit reminder signs gives you a choice of display heights and a simple clip on approach to sign mounting.

With easy to remove battery packs there is no need to take your sign to a recharging point; simply remove a depleted battery and recharge on your desk or in your site hut. If you need continuous coverage your sign can quite happily operate on just one battery; have one battery on charge whilst the other is powering your sign.


This mobile speed sign trolley is designed with stability as the number one priority.  A stable mounting platform which stays upright under even the most extreme conditions is the fundamental requirement for any devices of this kind, it's critically important, it's something which has been carefully considered right from day one.

mobile speed sign trolley specifications

Rather than provide stability by the crude method of adding more and more weight we use lightweight stabilising legs to expand the footprint of your trolley; the bigger the footprint the more stable your sign. Built onto the front, the back and both sides a series of slide away and fold down stabilising legs allow you to set your trolley to suit the prevailing conditions. On a calm, sunny day you might only want to provide rear support. In this scenario all you need do is fold down and secure the rear leg.

On a wet, windy winters day you will probably want to give your speed sign trolley a stability boost. That's easy. Release the turn bolt at the front of the trolley and you can extend the base plate forwards. To increase sidewise stability simply slide out the two stainless steel outriggers which are stowed neatly away within the structure of the trolley. Fitted with winding all stainless steel base plates these side mounted outriggers can be adjusted to take account of uneven ground.

close up of mobile speed sign graphics

Now that your trolley is stable you might want to look at visibility. Unlike rival systems this mobile speed sign system allows you to pick the mounting height you want to use. If you want a fairly low position then simply leave the trolley in it's compact form. For more height you can simply pop on the mast extension and lift your sign to a height of 1400mm+. With all electrical connections made with our clever push fit connectors you don't need a toolbox or a degree in engineering. Everything you need to conduct effective speed enforcement is contained neatly within this trolley.

Don't forget, multi position sign heights allow you to use our large non illuminated speed limit panels, simply drop your illuminated speed sign onto one mounting bracket and use the other to display the prevailing speed limit. Simple but very effective.


Any speed sign format can be made portable using this nifty trolley based system. Because this mobile platform is specifically designed & engineered to work with our speed sign products you can use any sign format and take it mobile. Whether you decide to go mobile from day one or need to adapt an existing sign which you have been previously using as at fixed location, this trolley system caters for everything.

For site work there is a special user switched sign option available. This model of sign allows the user to set both the matrix array and the radar detection to create a variable sign which can be set to different speeds; ideal when you need to use one speed sign across a large site with multiple different speed limits.

mobile speed sign trolley product range

This mobile speed sign trolley product is available to buy or rent depending upon your needs. For more information simply send us an email or give us a call.

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