Radar speed signs to rent.

Radar speed signs to rent, a convenient, cost effective way to enjoy the benefits of radar activated sign systems. Whether it's a last minute short term rental or a planned long term hire period, if you want an affordable, flexible way to use SID signs  rental is the ideal solution.

speed signs for rent

Rented SID signs which attach to existing posts or a complete portable speed sign platform, you can rent the solution which is right for you. As with all our products & services we welcome customer


This is a complete radar speed sign system which is part of our rental stock. A robust, portable trolley system which allows you to display the the speed sign at either a low (shown) or high mounting height. This system is a complete self contained setup which can be moved around your site allowing you to setup speed enforcement whenever & wherever you need.

radar speed sign trolley for hire

Supplied with a pair of heavy duty batteries which are neatly located within the base of the trolley this speed sign will serve busy roadways with the minimum of recharging.

See this speed sign rental platform in action, click the PLAY icon beneath;

If you need to manage traffic within a construction or highway maintenance setting you can see just how ideal this trolley system is; no posts, no digging, no sandbags- a complete portable system ready for action.

It's easy.

The speed sign rental process is simplicity itself.  Call and book your SID sign, we'll dispatch the sign of your choice to the delivery address you've supplied. Delivered inside a sturdy packing crate your speed sign rental is ready for work the moment you unpack it- every rental starts with a set of fully charged batteries.

how to rent a sid sign

Once your rental period comes to a close all you have to do is simply place the sign back into the packing crate ready for our carriers to collect from your premises. Simple, straightforward and cost effective.

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